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Learners carry diverse experiences, contexts and narratives into the religious education process.

A vision for Religious Education

A creative framework of dialogue, understanding and action needs to be constructed, leading students in a process of deep learning, evaluation and response to the mysteries of life, enlivened by the Holy Spirit.

The goal of this process is a deepened relationship with God, right relationships with others, a greater love of the Church, and empowerment to work to create a just world. It is a dance, as it were, an active interplay between life, culture and religion within the environment of a classroom.

Here students are invited to be engaged in the exploration and celebration of the Catholic story in all its richness and diversity through reflection, prayer and action for the good of others and their world.

The Landscape of Religious Education

Young people today are immersed in an Australian society that is increasingly pluralist and secular, one that is marked by rapid scientific and technological growth.

Our society is both blessed and challenged by a growing diversity of cultures and faiths. This way of life brings much richness and blessing, but also brings challenges that impact on religious learning and on maintaining a living Catholic identity.

The challenge: How to engage students in making sense and meaning of this everyday life in the light of the teaching of the Catholic church and the traditions of the Catholic community?

Adult Faith Enrichment

Parents are the first educators in faith of their children. Therefore the continual development and enrichment of every parent's individual faith is encouraged and is highly commended.

Opportunities for participation in personal faith development are available for entire school communities where liturgy, sacramental programs and prayer is provided within the parish/school environment.  Parents are encouraged to participate in these opportunities when offered by their local school or parish. Read more about Adult Faith Enrichment.


Consult the following website links which may assist in the renewal of your faith journey:

  • RESource – Designed for teachers and students in Catholic schools; also valuable for parents
  • Ronald Rolheiser Weekly Column – Weekly reflections from world renown Catholic spiritual writer
  • Thinking Faith – The online journal of the British Jesuits, material for those seeking something more informative/demanding
  • Consult the following website link for information about, and advice from, the Catholic Church in Australia 
  • Consult Sacred Space for online assistance with daily prayer.
2019 Liturgical Calendar

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