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Catholic education is strongly committed to the principles of social justice and the dignity of the human person. Catholic schools make it a priority, therefore, to create an environment in which all parents and families feel welcomed, valued and supported.

In particular, every effort is made to support and empower students with additional learning needs.

Support is available for students newly arrived in Australia and for families who are more comfortable communicating in a language other than English.

For families experiencing financial difficulties, the information in this section outlines a range of opportunities for assistance.

1At the time of publication, the details in this section were correct. You should check the relevant website for current allowances and eligibility requirements.

Public Transport Concessions

In Victoria, all students aged 17 and under can automatically travel on public transport at a concession rate. All students are eligible for a statewide Victorian Public Transport (VPT) Student Concession Card, which is required for purchasing a student transport pass.

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In country areas and some outer metropolitan areas, students who reside 4.8km or more from their nearest Catholic school may be eligible for transport support. In locations where there is not enough demand to run free school bus transport, the Victorian Government provides a conveyance allowance to help with travel costs.

For more information, first contact your child's school. If further information is required, see: