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Welcome to the website for Catholic education in
the Archdiocese ofImage of the Executive Director of Catholic Education, Steven Elder. Melbourne. Here you will discover the latest news and information on Catholic schools, and information on working in Catholic education.

As Executive Director, I see the personal care and dedication of our 330 schools and their principals, teachers and staff first-hand.

To the many parents and carers experiencing the delights of Catholic education for the first time,
you – like your children – will learn fast. Learn that we acknowledge family as the first and lifelong educator, and learn that by working together we will achieve wondrous results.

Catholic education places a significant emphasis on teaching moral values. Every child must learn right from wrong but a Catholic school does much more. We instil the importance or caring for others and genuinely wanting to make our world a better place.

It is these values that long-time families say they love most about our schools, and why we will always ensure ‘Catholic’ is not just part of your school’s name, but the heart of its identity.

The Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, takes great pride in the achievements of our students and schools. He described the education mission well while addressing a group of secondary students:

‘The benefit of a broad education is more than the amassing of facts, but rather a preparation for all facets of life; human, family, intellectual, preparation for a career, insertion into society and realisation that in the Catholic framework we have an invitation from Jesus, “love one another as I have loved you”,’ Archbishop Hart said.

Academically our schools continue to perform at the highest standard.

Independent research released last year quantified this academic advantage with Catholic school Year 12 students – on average – found to achieve a result six ATAR points higher than a comparable student at a government school. The University of Melbourne research also found that the ATAR advantage exists for all Catholic students, not just high performers.

The success of our wellbeing and personal growth programs were also acknowledged externally last year, however the most important recommendation of all comes in the form of record enrolments that will this year extend beyond 210,000 students across Victoria.

This demand for a Catholic education has certainly kept the planning department busy with the addition of 14 new primary and five new secondary schools expected within the next decade.

I hope this website helps you to learn more about the fantastic work Catholic schools are doing to prepare their students for the challenges of a 21st century world, enabling them to live life to the full, and to contribute to the wider community.

Stephen Elder OAM
Executive Director