Your Child's Learning

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Our Catholic schools provide a foundation of faith based on Catholic tradition and teachings. They also assist your child to develop knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and dispositions necessary for lifelong learning.

At secondary level, your child’s learning focuses on the development of more complex and sophisticated thinking in areas of logical reasoning, critical analysis and reflection, creative thinking and problem-solving.

The emphasis is on fostering your child’s independence as a learner and further developing his/her ability to organise ideas and information and apply practical skills as appropriate. S/he will be encouraged to participate in situations and problems that relate to real life, and to work with the local community and other useful resources outside the school. In addition, s/he will explore and identify possible pathways for future learning.

The student is at the centre of all learning arrangements in Catholic schools. Catholic schools recognise that students are individuals, each with diverse learning needs.

Teachers design learning experiences that are responsive to the different ways which students achieve their best.

Contemporary Learning

In their approach to contemporary learning, teachers in Catholic schools:

  • aim to ensure all students will make progress and succeed
  • enable students to develop deep understandings about the world and how to operate effectively in that world
    build capacity for lifelong learning
  • use questions and issues as drivers for learning
    create flexible learning opportunities in response to the different ways in which students learn and achieve their best
  • encourage effective use of contemporary technologies to deepen and accelerate student learning, both inside and outside of school
  • encourage learners to think and work creatively, explore and experiment, plan and reflect, communicate and collaborate
  • create learning opportunities in different environments within and beyond the classroom.
Our schools provide facilities that enable your child to use and develop skills in various technologies, as well as to learn in engaging and effective ways.


Image of primary school students