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Who’s misleading using taxpayer funds, Minister?

Education Minister Simon Birmingham says Catholic education has been misleading parents using taxpayer funds.


Birmingham’s brinkmanship costs Catholic schools another $1 billion

The Turnbull’s government policy-making on the run will cost Catholic schools a further $1 billion over the next decade.


School funding facts campaign enters new zone

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) is taking the fair funding campaign to ordinary Australians.


How can you have fair needs-based funding without fixing school SES scores?

School review members are urging the Senate to pass Simon Birmingham's education bill. 


Senators need to know the facts about Birmingham’s dodgy funding figures

Education Minister must stop misleading colleagues and parents and school communities with dodgy figures...


If the Prime Minister is right, so many are wrong

In an exchange during Question Time yesterday, Prime Minister Turnbull refuted comments made on 2GB by CEM Executive Director, Stephen Elder.


Who is ‘conflating different data sets producing a result that suited a particular narrative’?

The federal Education Minister claims that data released by CEM has been produced to suit a particular narrative.


The Forgotten Schools

Many public schools across the country are facing funding cuts under Malcolm Turnbull and Simon Birmingham’s new ‘needs-based’ mode.


Let’s talk about ‘special deals’, Minister

The Minister has put forward highly selective changes to the school funding model that almost exclusively disadvantages Catholic schools.


Funding calculator as farcical as an episode of Yes, Minister

The Australian Government’s School Funding Estimator has become an omnishambles for the government hours after its launch.


Government denies Catholic school parents information on fee increases

Openness and transparency have been abandoned by the Turnbull Government in the government's school funding estimator.


It’s not just the Catholic system: all schools face funding cuts from 2021

ll Australian schools will face cuts in real funding of around $250 million per annum from 2021 under the Turnbull government’s new 10-year funding proposals.


Birmingham scores an F for Quality Schools

Today’s Quality Schools announcement is a direct attack on Catholic primary schools, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, Executive Director, Stephen Elder says.


Gonski mythology is just plain wrong

Statement by Catholic Education Melbourne, Executive Director, Stephen Elder.  


Selective state schools raise issues of equity

New research revealing just five per cent of students in selective state schools come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds raises issues of equity.


Melbourne Catholic schools: NAPLAN results show the strength of the system

Catholic schools across Greater Melbourne have again shown the strength of their standards in the My School academic results.


Minister Birmingham’s change of rhetoric welcome

Education Minister Simon Birmingham’s has acknowledged current funding arrangements disadvantage some non-government schools.