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17 May 2018

Students of St Paul’s School at the performance of  ‘The Power of One’.The students from St Paul’s School, Coburg, are committed to stand up against bullying.

As well as participating in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, the students recently saw a performance of The Power of One and signed the pledge to speak out about bullying. The performance made a profound impact on the students who saw it.

‘Anti-bullying is an important message to learn about because this can happen to anyone. You can help by being an ‘upstander’ in any of these cases of bullying and this means to help the victim and say no to the bullies. I liked The Power of One presentation because it was interesting and they didn't make it boring. They made it fun and they made sure that everyone could understand the anti-bullying message,’ said student Alessia.

‘After the play we said a pledge to never bully and promised that if we see someone being bullied that we would help him or her,’ said students Katarina and Jacob. ‘Now we have a great understanding of what to do if we see someone being bullied or if we are being bullied.’