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4 June 2019

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College students Chad, Dominic and James. Photo by Luke Hemer, Brimbank & North West Star Weekly.By Tate Papworth

A group of Braybrook students wouldn’t be out of place on Wall Street, judging by a recent display of prowess.

A selection of Year 10, 11 and 12 Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook, students took part in the ASX’s school sharemarket game, where students learn about investing in the sharemarket and the economy.

VCAL teacher Tony Prosia led the students and said the results blew him away. ‘In Australia, there were just under 19,000 syndications for the schools’ game and, given most syndications are at least two people, we’re looking at about 40,000 participants’, he said.

‘One of our pairs, Ilir and James, finished 28th in the country and sixth in the state. At one point, there was a two-week period where they were first in the state and fifth in Australia. We had other outstanding state results. There’s another two boys, Domenic and Waitangi, who came 24th in Victoria, Joseph was 28th in the state, Chad and Luke 62nd and Tommy 81st.’

In the game, students are given $50,000 to invest in 200 companies. Mr Prosia said it was a valuable experience.

‘They learnt how to read the charts for companies they were interested in, which determined when they’d buy and sell’, he said. ‘They were learning indicators, what they mean and other market tools.’

‘It’s been one of my personal interests for a number of years, so it was great to be able to pass on some of the basic skills to them.’

This article was originally published in the Brimbank & North West Star Weekly on 28 May 2019.