Christian Meditation – a journey of faith

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Image: ‘Your Light in Our Hands’ (2019) used with permission of Elizabeth Walsh5 June 2020

By Beth Walsh, Religious Education Leader, St Clare’s Catholic School, Truganina South

Since 2017, St Clare’s Catholic School, Truganina South, has been implementing and embedding Christian Meditation as a whole-school practice.

The process of introducing Christian Meditation began due to a growing interest in the practice and an opportunity to learn more about it through Catholic Education Melbourne sponsored study.

As a result, Christian Meditation has united the community across the school in prayer, and increased parent participation in the prayer life of the school, particularly families of students in the junior years. Students have also reported an increased sense of closeness to God, and have been feeling less anxious and stressed.

‘Christian Meditation highlights that we are a Catholic school through a calm prayerful experience. It is a great way for us to focus on our catholicity at the beginning of the day. It includes everyone in the community to give a real sense of Catholic community’, said St Clare’s principal, Andrew Leighton.

‘It provides opportunity for parents and family members to be involved in our morning prayer. It puts us in good stead for our learning for the remainder of the day. Staff, students and parents have whole-heartedly accepted and adopted the practice. It is rewarding to often see parents remaining to participate in the learning areas with students and staff.’

This is an extract of an article that was originally published in Director’s eNews on 29 May 2020.