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Students' with their designs.30 August 2020

Congratulations to students Vivian Ly and Miriam Trezise from St Monica’s College, Epping, and Bridgette Veneris from Kilbreda College, Mentone, for being recognised in the national Wool4School competition for 2020.

This year, Wool4School challenged students to design a garment or outfit inspired by flora and fauna, while incorporating fibres that are gentle on the earth.

To create her Nobunny Compares 兔 You design, Vivian drew inspiration from her Chinese heritage, as well as bunny rabbits and bamboo. Her intricate design features a headpiece with two bunny ears, a jacket with gradients from white to blue to green and embroidery, and a traditional Chinese-inspired dress.

Vivian won the Senior Category, while fellow classmate Miriam was awarded runner-up.

‘I was very shocked when I received an email congratulating me. Reading the email over and over, I stared at my laptop for a solid five minutes before running out of my room and asking my family to double check if I had read it right. I could not believe that my design had won and was overjoyed’, said Vivian.

Bridgette was the winner of the Junior Category with her whale shark-inspired design. Her couture dress features different shades of blue, which represent the ocean, and a polka dot-like pattern imitating a whale shark’s back. To complete the look, her design also includes a headpiece and high heels.

First launched in 2012, Wool4School has gone on to involve more than 100,000 students nationwide, not only learning the fundamentals of fashion design but also exploring the benefits and versatility of wool and the fabric it creates.