A secret mission marks 100 days

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Prep students27 August 2020

There’s a mystery to solve at St Anne’s School, Sunbury, and the school’s Prep students have all the clues.

Teachers have created a series of videos for students, ‘Catholic School Investigators’, and recently included a special storyline to celebrate the first 100 days of learning for the school’s newest students. In the storyline the Preps were ‘missing’, but in reality they were on a ‘secret mission’ to find the best hiding places in their homes and become Junior Catholic School Investigators.

‘The series has been a great way of keeping up community spirits and giving everyone something to look forward to at the end of the week’, said Learning Diversity Leader, Sue Sexton. ‘For the Prep storyline, the students worked with family members to film their hiding places and send them in, and we’ve created a series of ‘spin-off’ episodes for each class to celebrate their success.’

Prep students were sent details of their mission and a ‘Junior Catholic School Investigator’ badge to prepare for the storyline. Although they can’t be in a classroom together, the story helped to connect the community during unusual times.

‘Using technology in a collaborative way is an important part of supporting students during times of remote and flexible learning, and it’s been great to see how well our students have been engaged in this series’, said Deputy Principal, Stephen Arthurson. ‘It’s true what they say: a time like this really does bring out creativity and innovation.’