Resilience is child’s PLAY

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25 September 2019

Year 4 and 5 students at St Paul’s School, Coburg, are leading the way in making young people more resilient.

With thanks to a grant from Moreland City Council, students were trained by Resilient Youth in the Positivity, Leadership and Activated Youth (PLAY) program. During recess and lunchtime, these students lead safe and creative games which aim to build resilience. By enhancing resilience, PLAY assists in creating the things every parent wants for their child, every teacher wants for students and every community wants for its young people.

‘The PLAY leaders have spent the last week trialling their games during lunchtime and it has been a great success’, said the school’s Wellbeing Leader, Cobie Mather. ‘The PLAY leaders are doing an amazing job in teaching younger students new games at recess and lunchtime. We have already observed an increase in their confidence through the development of new skills, and the opportunities provided for all children to play and learn together and further develop social skills.’

Year 4 and 5 students at St Paul’s School, Coburg.