Living in the landscape

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Artwork from St Patrick's School, Mentone's Art Show.16 September 2019

St Patrick’s School, Mentone, has created an art show inspired by the diversity of the world’s landscapes.

Bringing together the visual arts, music, design, science and geography, Living in the Landscape was launched last Wednesday with a gala opening for the community. Exploring diverse landscapes including rainforests, urban environments, deserts and much more, every student had individual artwork on display. There was also an auction of collaborative artworks created by each class.

‘The students have brought their learning to life through their artwork, and then they use QR codes to bring their artwork to life through music and sound’, said Principal Tim Noonan.

The process of creating art provides many learning opportunities for students. ‘Weaving is a great example’, said the school’s Visual Arts Specialist teacher, Tina Russo. ‘The students begin with paper to get the idea, then they move on to using wool. They show some persistence and then two or three lessons later they’ve produced an amazing piece of art. It can really lift their self-esteem.’

With food trucks, music and activities, the gala night was much more than an art show. ‘Tonight is about bringing the community together, seeing some outstanding art, sharing a meal, taking part in activities and having a wonderful night’, said Tim.