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19 November 2019

The students at St Paul’s School, Sunshine West, created games and activities at their recent ‘mini fete’, and the community was the winner.

This year, the senior students chose to raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul Foundation to support people through difficult and challenging times. The volunteers at St Vincent de Paul Foundation help others by visiting their homes and providing what they need. They aim to uphold the human dignity of others by completing home visits among other duties, which is highly valued by not only St Vincent de Paul Foundation, but the staff and students at St Paul’s.

We undertook many weeks of planning and preparation leading up to the day. Our aim was to create a fun and engaging fete for all ages at our school. We created games that could be enjoyed by our prep students and all our parents. Building our games as a group was really fun and boosted our team-building skills. We all worked together to ensure we had all the necessary items to make our stalls one-of-a-kind and the best they could be.

Our Mini Fete was a success. Everyone had heaps of fun and the senior students raised an impressive $3,544.15. During the fun we also made sure to remember that it’s all for a good cause. On that day, everybody contributed in helping another and we all acted as Good Samaritans.
St Paul’s School fete.