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10 May 2018

Shane Crawford, Professor John Hattie, Joanne  Doherty, Valerie Henschel and Iain Reed at  St Bernard’s School, Coburg East.Last week St Bernard’s School, Coburg East, hosted Laureate Professor John Hattie and television presenter Valerie Henschel from ZDF [Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen]. ZDF is one of two government run television stations, in Germany, with millions of viewers. Valerie was in Australia to film a documentary for her program ZDF Zoom, on Professor Hattie’s Visible Learning evidence-based study, into the factors which improve student learning.
Filming commenced with classroom teacher Iain Reed teaching a writing lesson, using the Visible Learning strategies the school has implemented over the past four years. Professor Hattie was interviewed about his research, as were Principal Joanne Doherty and Learning Leader Shane Crawford, who detailed how Visible Learning has and continues to support student learning success across the school. 
Professor Hattie described St Bernard’s as ‘an inspiring choice of school’ and that it was ‘so humbling to see the students so engaged in their learning and talking about Visible Learning. This is Visible Learning in action’.
St Bernard’s ‘Impact Story’ will be published by Corwin Publishing soon and the ZDF Zoom documentary will be aired in early June.