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6 June 2018

Images of students and representatives participating in Aquinas College's Long WalkLast week, Aquinas College, Ringwood, hosted its annual Long Walk.


This year, we were lucky enough to have guests Courtenay Dempsey and Nova Peris join us for this special occasion. The Aquinas College community, along with guests from surrounding primary and secondary schools, as well as organisations like Caritas and Catholic Mission, walked in solidarity to support the incredible efforts of Michael Long in acknowledging reconciliation for the Australia’s indigenous people.


We hope to show as a group of young people that we are aiming for a better nation full of reconciliation and respect for all. Nova Peris made comment on the current National Reconciliation Week, asking us to help with the motto ‘don’t keep history a mystery’. Nova shared with us the idea that whilst we cannot change the past, it is up to us to ensure that we create a harmonious future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


The morning was a success, with performances which highlighted young talent and showed respect for the Aboriginal culture. We had an outstanding attendance of schools and special guests. It was truly an inspiring event full of smiles and joy. Another small step in our journey towards reconciliation.

Year 11 student,

Aquinas College, Ringwood.