Buon appetito

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29 July 2019

The community at St Kevin’s School, Ormond, celebrated their love of Italy with a day dedicated to Italian language, culture and cuisine.

‘We introduced Italian to the school at the beginning of this year as a way of giving our students an appreciation of a different country and culture, and preparing them to take on another language’, said the school’s principal Nigel Rodrigues.

The school’s Italian day began with a gnocchi-making workshop, leading into more activities to explore Italian language and culture. In the lead-up to lunch, the students paraded in outfits representing the diversity of Italian culture to demonstrate their learning across the year.

The highlight was the Italian lunch as a team of cooks prepared handmade gnocchi and gelato for the students to share with special guests: their parents and grandparents. ‘At St Kevin’s we’re like one big family’, said Nigel, ‘and one of the things big families do is gather, celebrate and eat. Buon appetito.’