Luke Brewis’s experience as a World Youth Day pilgrim in Panama

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Images of Luke Brewis in Panama for World Youth Day.20 February 2019

Luke Brewis – a 29-year-old chemistry, science and maths teacher from Our Lady of Sion College, Box Hill – was one of the 44 young Melburnian pilgrims who participated in this year’s World Youth Day festival held in Panama.

Luke had just begun his teaching career in 2014 when he first heard of World Youth Day and instantly knew that he had to be part of it one day.

‘I wanted to continue to learn about the Catholic faith, to find the answer to questions I had and to surround myself with young, like-minded people’, he stated.

Luke’s journey was not only a chance to meet new people and visit some of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Central America, but it was also an opportunity to strengthen his faith in God and be reminded of the importance of daily prayer.

‘God is a lot bigger than we think’, he said, reflecting upon his experience. ‘It was so good to take the time to be with God each day. My faith and my connection with him have been strengthened.’

What stayed with him most, however, was the Adoration, celebrated by American Bishop Robert Barron.

‘He spoke from Luke 5 and told us to not be afraid of stepping from the shallow to the deep and see where God will take you.’

Luke described his pilgrimage as an invaluable experience and said that he would love to participate in World Youth Day 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.