Mount St Joseph’s commitment to cleaning up Australia

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Students and teachers from Mount St Joseph Girls’ College getting involved in 'Clean up Australia' day.15 February 2019

Next month Mount St Joseph Girls’ College, Altona, will celebrate a decade of involvement in Clean Up Australia Day.

Approximately 300 students (one-third of the college’s population) will give up their Sunday sleep-in to volunteer and participate in this wonderful event that aims to bring communities together by raising awareness about environmental issues.

With the college located within walking distance from the beach, many of the students have grown up with an affinity for and sense of stewardship towards the area.

Mount St Joseph students also participate in other yearly activities and community events such as World Environment Day, National Tree Day and Witness King Tides in order to maintain their vision of engaging students, staff and community in their quest to develop a sustainable environment.

Clean Up Australia Day will take place on Sunday 3 March 2019.