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Mission Fete Day from Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Ocean Grove.19 November 2020

Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Ocean Grove, had a lot of fun fundraising on Friday’s Mission Fete Day. The fete was a bit different from usual, ‘celebrated in a COVID-friendly way’, said principal Kerryn Sells.

The school has strong ties to the local community and recently raised $480 for Cherished Pets, a community-run organisation that supports vulnerable people in the Geelong region by bringing pets and people together for mutual companionship through all life stages.

For Ms Sells, Mission Fete Day is another great example of students taking action, showing empathy and compassion, and provides an opportunity for student voice.

‘We are sent to bring the Good News of Jesus to others through the way we speak and the way we act. This is our mission as Jesus’ followers’, said Ms Sells. ‘By reflecting on the gifts we have been given, we can come to understand the ways that we need each other to do this.’

‘For many years now, we have had our Mission Fete Day at Our Lady Star of the Sea School. It is always an opportunity for us as a community to work together as we combine prayer, action and reflection with a great sense of fun and much excitement.’

‘As we began our Mission Fete Day through a prayer liturgy, we stopped to think about why this day is so important and special to us. We asked God to give us strength and courage to live out our mission. We then prayerfully considered: Why do we do what we do on Mission Fete Day?’

The students offered their responses:

‘We pray for ourselves and others, aware that we need each other to have life to the full.’ ‘We share our money to help others.’ ‘We are grateful for what we have.’ ‘Mission Fete Day is one way to help people in other parts of the world. People we have come to know and love.’ ‘Supporting the community of Bulbula can help them live easier lives.’ ‘We work for the common good of everyone so that all can have a greater sense of wellbeing.’ ‘We think about what is better about working together.’ ‘We think about what can be achieved when we work together and have fun giving.’ ‘We always endeavour to make a difference in the world.’

‘This year our community yet again showed their generosity and care and we raised $10,000’, said Ms Sells. ‘$9500 will go to the Ethiopian community of Bulbula who we have had an authentic connection with over the years. Sr Abeba will be truly thankful as she communicated just recently how even more difficult it is for her community at present. The other $500 will go to Catholic Mission.’

The school is making an incredible impact, not merely in raising funds, but in shaping compassionate hearts and minds.

The following video featuring the school’s Year 2 students helps to show why they do what they do: