Welcome back, juniors!

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26 May 2020

It has been an exciting first day back at school for Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students all over Victoria. Making a video to welcome the children back to school proved to be beneficial for St Thomas More’s School, Hadfield, and St James’ School, Brighton.

Kate Korber, Learning and Teaching Leader at St Thomas More’s School, sent out a message with a welcome back video to children and families: ‘Wishing everyone a positive return to school this week! We made this little video to help our children feel safe and supported. Many are excited, but many children (and some parents too) are nervous and a tad worried. We hope this helps build excitement and a sense of belonging.’

Principal Marcy De Nardis said, ‘we are thrilled to have our little ones back at school today. Keeping each other safe while reconnecting with teachers and peers will be the focus for the next few weeks’.

When the staff at St James’ School made their welcome back video, ‘we wanted the students to hear just how happy we are that they were returning’, said Principal Brendan Flanagan.

Deputy Principal Carmelina Corio at St James said ‘We have received positive feedback from the parents and students this morning that they were all excited to return and that the video helped. All along we have strived to send out positive messages to the St James’ School community in the current circumstances. Today we returned to school after a period of prolonged absence, and what joy and fun there was in the school. It was important that the children returned to a place that was familiar, safe and with a feeling of calmness. There was also great joy in the air, and how pleased the children and parents were to come home to our school family.’