The (virtual) Long Walk

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3 June 2020

Aquinas College, Ringwood, has continued its tradition of marking National Reconciliation Week with a Long Walk around the neighbourhood, although in 2020 it looks a little different.

The virtual Long Walk has taken place with students completing their own walk in the spirit of Michael Long’s original walk in 2004. To support the safety of the students on campus and to involve the students who continue to learn remotely, a virtual Long Walk was created to honour this year’s theme: ‘In this together’. The walk took place in several locations with students sharing their experience. They also decorated a footprint template to honour an Indigenous Australian person who inspires them.

Long Walk ambassador, Nova Peris, who has been to the school on several occasions to lead previous Long Walks, sent a special video message to the school community. Nova’s message, along with images of the student artwork, is available in the video below.