Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility

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St Monica’s College, Epping students.19 June 2020

St Monica’s College, Epping, is strongly committed to sustainability with its Envirofriends group driving recycling projects within the college, as well as delivering sustainability messages to the wider community.

The college is proud to receive the donation of a shopping trolley from Supercart Australia, which manufactures shopping trolleys and handbaskets from 100% recycled plastic. The trolley was delivered by ‘Sustainable Sally’, brand ambassador, who explained how the recycled plastic bottles become shopping trolleys.

St Monica’s principal, Brian Hanley, thanked Supercart Australia for the generous support. ‘The trolley is a very practical example of recycling at its best and it will be put to good use within our college. We are always pleased to support sustainability initiatives and, with our students and staff able to see this outcome of recycling, it will certainly help motivate further sustainability projects.’

Recycling at St Monica’s is everyone’s responsibility and the college will continue to promote sustainable living initiatives to the Monican community.