Mentone on the move

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Level Crossing Removal Project artwork24 June 2020

St Patrick’s School, Mentone, teamed up with the Level Crossing Removal Project to create a unique art display on the hoarding around the Mentone crossing removal site.

The recently installed artwork, ‘Mentone on the move’, highlights the unique historical buildings, scenery around the area and the train line moving through Mentone from Parkdale to Cheltenham. Throughout Term 2, the students collaborated with their peers learning remotely to create the collage under the guidance of the school’s art teacher Mrs Russo.

During the period of remote learning, St Patrick’s School had a number of children of essential workers who were onsite at school each day. Those students helped to create the background of the artwork, while the remote learning students contributed the characters, animals and vehicles of the collage.

Remote learning students were asked to send in their contributions via mail and the school’s mailbox was soon overflowing. It will be fun for families and students to find their characters in the completed artwork.