Weekly challenges at St Thomas More

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18 August 2020

Since the beginning of remote learning this term, the families at St Thomas More’s School, Hadfield, have been invited to participate in a variety of weekly challenges.

Religious Education leader, Clara Privitera has been overwhelmed by the creativity of the students and families. ‘Last week we presented families with a Bake-Off challenge and the level of participation, creativity and excitement was overwhelming. We had over 60 families enter the challenge and post photos of their children baking. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore measurement, shape, numbers and texture in a fun and exciting way.’

‘This week’s challenge was awesome’, said student, Olivia. ‘The Bake-Off challenge was a great experience for me. I loved playing around with the design of the cake and making my first three-tier cake. It was incredible. I also loved having the kitchen to myself!’

School parent, Stefanie Cushieri has also appreciated the weekly challenges. ‘These additional weekly family challenges are great. The kids have made some fun memories during these hard times. The school provides us with a new weekly challenge that we can do together. Well done to the dedicated staff at STM! I can’t wait to see what other challenges await us.’

Mrs Privitera has put together a mouth-watering video of last week’s baking challenge and posted it on the St Thomas More Facebook page.