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Helping your school

The Turnbull government’s funding proposals at the moment are just that – proposals.Image of a girl drawing with a pencil

They need to be voted on by both the Senate and the House of Representatives to become law.

We want the government to change its mind, go back to drawing board, and work with Catholic education to devise proposals that will deliver a fair deal for your children and their school community, but if that option fails we hope to persuade enough members of the Senate vote against the package and block in its current form.

Catholic education authorities and your school principal and board are working towards this goal, but you have a vital part to play in ensuring quality Catholic education remains affordable.

WE NEED YOU to write to the Education Minister, Simon Birmingham, outlining your concerns with the government’s funding policy.

Read and download the letter to Simon Birmingham.

We also want you to show your local MP and Victorian Senators know that you’re writing to the Minister. Download the details for your local MP, along with contact details for a Senator from an alternative party.