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Address at the Graduate Teacher Welcome

I would like to begin this afternoon with a quick story about the impact of education


Australian Government funding announcement

This week’s Quality Schools announcement by the federal government is a direct attack on Catholic schools.


Unfair, inconsistent and inequitable

Catholic schools aren’t there to make a buck. Instead, they stem from a sense of service to the community.


Returning for Term 2

I hope that your Easter celebrations were full of joy. As Christians we celebrate our belief that, beyond all expectations, God raised Jesus from the dead.


Gravity lost in funding debate when apples ain’t apples

Young Isaac Newton was sitting in his garden when an apple fell on his head. Instead of cursing the instrument of some distress, he had a flash of inspiration...


St Patrick's Day celebrations

What a wonderful celebration of Catholic education we had for Catholic Education Week, including the Visual Arts Exhibition and events on St Patrick’s Day.


Catholic Education Week

It is a week like no other, a chance to celebrate and commemorate more than a 150 years of service to the Victorian community by Catholic schools.


The meaning of Lent

We are well into Term 1, and last week, with Ash Wednesday, we began Lent.


CEM priorities for 2017

Take a look at how the staff at Catholic Education Melbourne are working together to deliver the best possible outcomes for students


Productivity Commission reporting Letter to the Editor The Age

The demand for a Catholic education remains strong despite The Age's claim (3 February) Catholic school enrolments “steadily" decreased last year.


Letter to the Editor of The Sunday Age

I was disappointed to read the story of Sally Beattie and her experiences working with Catholic Education Melbourne (The Sunday Age, 25 September).


Financial Review Letter to the Editor

“Catholic schools were the worst performing school sector” in Australia after adjusting for socio-economic differences. This is simply untrue.


Grattan schools report fundamentally flawed

The Grattan Institute report Circuit breaker: a new compact for school funding is fundamentally flawed.


Letter to the Editor of The Age on 12 October 2016

Your report proves you can prove anything if you cherry-pick the right data. Your ‘analysis’ forgets some fundamental fact about Catholic school funding.


Letter to the Editor of The Age, 8 September 2016

Catholic Education Melbourne shares Nakia’s anguish at the story of racist bullying recounted in The Age today.


‘Education for Sustainability in the Archdiocese of Melbourne’ launch

Our students are growing up in challenging times, with a number of world issues impacting the health and wellbeing of society.


Education for Sustainability in the Archdiocese of Melbourne’ launch

Our students are growing up in challenging times, with a number of world issues impacting the health and wellbeing of society.


New child protection training for school staff to be launched

A unique new course developed by the Australian Catholic University at the request of Catholic Education Melbourne is being launched today.


Centre for Policy Development disappoints – again

Parents and policymakers have a right to be disappointed by yet another poorly-argued attack on their freedoms by the anti-school choice brigade


Greens campaign of confusion refuted

Senator Nick McKim's extraordinary attack on Catholic education through the press highlights the Greens ongoing confusion about their education funding policy.


One Church

A short film which showcases how Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne work with Catholic agencies.

Year of Youth

‘Christ our Joy’: Year of Youth Image Unveiled

The official image for the Year of Youth will be unveiled at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney on 7 December 2017.

The Catholic Bishops Year of Youth was launched in local communities around Australia on the first Sunday of Advent, Sunday, December 3, 2017 and the national launch is taking place with the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney from December 7-9.

The Year of Youth image is titled Christ our Joy and was painted by artist, Amunda Gorey in Alice Springs.

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