Capability to Better Serve and Lead

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Theme 3: Catholic Education Melbourne is committed to building the internal capacity and capability of its staff by enhancing leadership.

To better serve and lead schools, Catholic Education Melbourne is committed to building the internal capacity and capability of its staff by enhancing leadership. The focus of its endeavours is to provide customised support to schools, parishes and communities to improve the educational outcomes of all students and create sustainable communities of faith.

In supporting schools to meet the learning needs of all students, Catholic Education Melbourne will identify and foster new funding sources to:

  • ensure maintenance of appropriate levels of capital funding
  • support new schools in growth corridors
  • promote just and equitable access to Catholic education.

Factors which impact on parents’ ability to pay fees should not preclude access to a Catholic education.

Catholic Education Melbourne endeavours to ensure:

  • equitable distribution of resources
  • support and assistance for schools in assessing their working capital at the local level
  • support for school leaders to develop the capability to use resources effectively
  • the provision of technologies and information systems necessary to improve collaboration and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of school and Catholic Education Melbourne operations
  • effective governance to ensure informed decision-making, and compliance with regulatory requirements and standards of performance, while being responsive to the local needs of schools and their communities.

There is an increasing need to provide school services more efficiently and effectively. We need to continue developing strategic alliances and stronger partnerships with parents, parishes, local government, business and community services and explore options to co-locate schools with community health centres, kindergartens and activity centres.

In particular Catholic Education Melbourne has an opportunity to develop a rural learning campus and retreat centre on 600 hectares of iconic land on the Great Ocean Road at Wattle Hill – referred to locally as Moonlight Head. It is intended that the property be largely used for educational and formation purposes and as a practical expression of the Church’s commitment to spirituality. This represents an ideal opportunity to impart to young people a love and respect for nature and the spiritual in the context of the Church’s mission.

Over the life of the Strategic Plan 2015–2019, the Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON), which has entailed a significant financial commitment, will be rolled out to all Catholic schools in Victoria to ensure that every student has access to the same educational opportunities and resources. ICON will build capacity across all Victorian Catholic schools and diocesan offices to support and enable students, teachers, school leaders and parents to work collaboratively to improve student learning outcomes.

High-performing leaders across Catholic Education Melbourne

a) Develop and implement a Catholic Education Melbourne leadership and workforce strategy to strengthen our capability to better serve and lead schools.

Finance and Resources:
Funding sustainability from all sources of income for all schools

a) Ensure proportionate recurrent federal and state funding levels are maintained.

b) Support schools to raise sufficient private income for their local needs.

c) Support school communities to have a better understanding and awareness of needs-based funding models.

d) Develop Moonlight Head as a rural educational campus and retreat centre.

Information Systems and Technology:
Effective and efficient information systems

a) Implement the Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) project in partnership with dioceses and schools.

b) Develop and implement an information systems engagement strategy across schools and Catholic Education Melbourne to assist schools to make more effective use of technologies, including those in ICON.

c) Implement systems and process improvement strategies across Catholic Education Melbourne to support more efficient and effective services to schools.

Effective governance arrangements for all schools, responsive to local needs  and for Catholic Education Melbourne

a) Strengthen the alignment of the legislative and compliance requirements to streamline processes to reduce the administrative burden on schools.

b) Work with the Archdiocese of Melbourne to undertake a review of the governance arrangements that currently exist, specifically to support parish priests in their various roles with school communities.

Sustainability and growth:
Strong enrolment growth, while maintaining the existing rate of Catholicity

a) Implement the Archdiocese of Melbourne Strategic Provision Plan and support every school to develop a capital plan.

b) Develop and promote a school enrolment strategy which promotes just and equitable access to a Catholic education for all Catholic students.

c) Support schools to partner with parishes, parents and communities to explore the potential in early childhood services to improve student learning outcomes.