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  • Eastern Regional Office

    Regional Offices are staffed by multidisciplinary teams who provide customised service and high quality strategic advice to leaders and schools. With a strong focus on continuous school improvement regions lead and support the efforts of Catholic schools to:

    • Continuously improve student learning experiences and outcomes through the provision of contemporary, personalised approaches to learning and teaching
    • Build performance and development cultures characterised by high expectations and high quality teaching responsive to individual student needs.

    By working in partnership with Catholic schools the regions of Catholic Education Melbourne assist schools to provide an outstanding education in faith and knowledge.

    Eastern regional office 

    39 Hewish Road
    (PO Box 1121)
    CROYDON  VIC 3136

    Tel: (03) 9427 6400
    Fax: (03) 9724 0201


  • Ms Marwin Austerberry

    Regional General Manager


    Administrative Support
    Anita Ouwerkerk
    Christina Signorini

    Principal Consultants
    Jenny Allatt
    Kerry Bratby
    John Corkill
    Robert Scanlon
    Amanda Smith

    Vicki Myers

    Learning Consultants
    Additional Learning Support
    Enza Bunetta

    Enza Bunetta

    Chronic Health/Physical Disability
    Maria Vetro

    Carol Grinstead
    Karilyn Gumley

    Literacy School Support
    Karen Crennan
    Julie Stewart

    Literacy Professional Learning Support
    Mary Owen

    Maths School Support
    Jo-Anne Adams
    Emily Black

    Maths Professional Learning Support
    Anthony Oxley

    Religious Education
    Louise Harris
    Shaun Healy
    Lisa Heffernan
    Kathryn Robinson

    Education Officer eLearn
    Daniel Avano

    Regional Education Officer
    Veronica Baum
    Janette Clark

    Elaine Carr
    Samantha Hutton
    Laura Uebergang

    Speech Pathologists
    Laura Brough
    Meaghan Dickinson
    Stephanie Fornaro
    Rebekah Hobson
    Grace Park
    Erin Waters

    Visiting Teachers
    Glennyce Kelly
    Jo Kennedy