St Gabriel’s ICT Explorers

St Gabriel's students participating in the Young ICT Explorers competitionTwo extra-curricular ICT projects, developed by students at St Gabriel’s School, Reservoir, were selected as finalists in the Young ICT Explorers Competition from hundreds of entries, Australia wide.

During class, students explored last year’s winning projects discussing the needs and wants those projects satisfied and why they were successful. Then the school opened their library at lunch times for six weeks for any students interested to work on their projects.

Two passionate teams developed two innovative ideas:

The library borrower by Cathy and Olivia extended their classroom knowledge of QR codes to develop a student-led borrowing system where all books and library cards had a unique QR code that could be scanned, by any device while updating a student borrowing log upon check out and in of library books.

The Noise Sensor app by Dustin, Leon, Max and John aimed at assisting teachers through the design of an iPad application to measure classroom noise levels. Where the noise was too loud it would flash red and provide a disturbing sound to alert students that they were outside the expected noise zone. Similarly, when they were within the expected noise the iPad would display a green light and when getting louder would flash orange.

I was so proud to represent St Gabriel's and I felt determined to win the YICT for our school because we had worked so hard. I really enjoyed working with my friends and coming up with an idea that could help our school and other schools.
Max (The Noise Sensor app team)

Though the projects were not prize winners at the finals at Deakin University, the competition provided many benefits to those who participated, including an opportunity to collaborate, to present to judges, to see the standard of work being produced by other schools and to discover a real world purpose for the IT skills learnt in class.

The Competition was very interesting to present and to see other ideas made by other competitors.I would definitely go back one day!
Leon (The Noise Sensor app team)

They are now in the midst of planning next year’s entry with a newfound passion and excitement for ICT.