Never see a need...

St Margaret Mary's students in pyjamas to raise awareness about homelessnssSt Margaret Mary’s School, Brunswick North, held a Pyjama Day this week to raise awareness and collect donations for people in the community facing homelessness. The idea of this day came from the school’s MiniVinnies social justice group.

Members of the group were concerned about the rising number of people facing homelessness and how they were coping in the cold weather. The group decided, instead of donating money, we would ask people in our school community to donate socks. These socks will be donated to St Vincent de Paul who will then distribute them to families or individuals in need.

'The other day I saw a homeless person he had no socks. I hope these socks will help him' Eamon Year 2.
'We are making homeless warm' Noah, Year 6.
'If your feet aren’t warm, your body's not warm' Xavier, Year 5.
'Warmth is a sign of love; this is most important' Yasmine, Year 4.
'We have to have a warm heart and help the homeless' Alessia.
'We have to give back what has been taken from the homeless' Mya, Year 6.

 St Margaret Mary's students and staff in pyjamas to raise awareness about homelessnss